Here’s what some Getting Centered Meditation clients have said about our programs:


“Thank you again for the program you ran recently at the Zakim Center at DFCI. It was excellent: you really distill the essence of what meditation is about, and how it can help, and make it entirely accessible (and low stress for us type A types!). I also appreciated and respected the personal info that you shared with the group, which is encouraging in a realistic way. Your CD is so helpful when I am having trouble settling down and letting go, and I am going to explore the possibility of using it with a few friends and family members who might benefit from it, if they are interested/willing to try..”
Patient, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

“This program was excellent.  Helen’s guidance, and the experiences I have had within the group, have helped to remove the barriers with which I have struggled for decades when I have tried to practice meditation on my own.  I don’t stress over it now and have slipped into practicing meditation at home (or wherever I am).”
Patient, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

“This meditation course helped me calm my whole body. I felt refreshed and energized, ready to enjoy the rest of my day. I found that I did my most creative thinking and problem solving right after meditation. Answers to issues just seemed to surface and the way became clear. Helen Rainoff created a calm, supportive, welcoming atmosphere which led to a peaceful experience for novice and experienced meditators alike.” K.H., Teacher, Wayland Middle School

“I would recommend this program to all students. It did exactly what it set out to do – to help you to become centered and de-stressed.” Anonymous, Student, Walnut Hill School for the Performing Arts

“The instructor is excellent, clear, calming and seems very knowledgeable.” H., Patient, Boston Medical Center

“After taking this course, I find myself better able to solve problems.” D.L., Staff, Boston Medical Center

“During a high school Meditation workshop I was impressed with Helen’s ability to capture the attention of a room full of overly energetic students. She spoke to the large group soothingly, introducing the ideas of meditation and within a brief period, had captured everyone’s attention, taking them on a guided, calm tour of their own breath and body. When the session ended, the group of students was unrecognizable in their newly found sense of quiet and control.” M.B., Teacher, Wayland High School

“It was wonderful to be able to relax my mind during a busy work day. I was able to focus more upon returning to work.” D.K., Staff, Boston Medical Center

“I have been much more energized for the day after taking this class. It has had a very positive impact and I have begun to practice meditation between the weekly sessions.” Anonymous, Staff, Boston Medical Center

“Meditation class changed my life. As a harried teacher I was much in need of a way to calm my spirit at the end of the day. The meditation classes taught me to be grateful for the now and live in the present. I would highly recommend this class to all levels of meditators.” M.B., Teacher, Wayland High School